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Prodigal Rogerson

The Tragic, Hilarious, and Possibly Apocryphal Story of Circle Jerks Bassist Roger Rogerson in the Golden Age of LA Punk, 1979-1996 (Scene History)





Huffington Post

Alison Braun, the legendary photographer of Southern California’s early punk rock scene, is taking a punk outlook on the state of the United States

since the election of Donald Trump.  Read the interview:  Huffington Post




Punk Rocker, the Book

Featuring an essay and photographs by Alison Braun and whole bunch of cool folks:

Punk Rocker is the much anticipated sequel to “L.A. Punk Rocker”:

top author Brenda Perlin’s best-selling punk anthology.Here you will find a collection of short stories from those

who were there in the early days. Hard core musical anarchists who saw it all, heard it all, did it all - and survived to tell their stories. 

Along with Brenda and the West Coast punks, Punk Rocker features rebels, writers, commentators and street kids from all

over America – talking about the music, the fashion, the attitude, the passion,the lifestyle and, of course, the bands who made it all happen.

Disco's Out...Murder's In!: The True Story of Frank the Shank and L.A.'s Deadliest Punk Rock Gang

Famous for its revolutionary aspects in musical, political, sexual identity and consumerist ideas,

punk rock also has its lesser-known gangster ethos as well, explained here by players in the various punk gangs.

The Los Angeles, Orange County, and South Bay punk scenes, populated by blue collar kids who responded to the violence and

aggression of punk songs and shows. A number of them formed punk gangs that got into beatings, drug dealing and murder.

Among them, no gang was more notorious than La Mirada Punks, or LMP.

We Were Going to Change the World

We Were Going to Change the World captures the stories of women who were active in the SoCal punk rock scene

during this historic time, adding an important voice to its cultural and musical record. Through exclusive interviews

with musicians, journalists, photographers, and fans, Stacy Russo has captured the essence of why these women were

drawn to punk rock, what they witnessed, and how their involvement in this empowering scene

ended up influencing the rest of their lives. 

Photographer Spotlight

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley region of Southern California, Alison Braun lived a short drive away

from the famed Sunset Strip, and as a massive music fan, that worked out great for her. From her teen years on,

Alison shot the best punk, hardcore, and hard rock had to offer on the Strip. Throughout the years, you've

probably seen her shots of bands like Bad Brains, Social Distortion, and Black Flag while digging around the Internet.

Carnegie  Center for Art and History

Permanent and Natural  is a group show featuring hair as a form of personal expression, as cultural relic, and

as artistic medium. Permanent and Natural explores the diverse contexts in which artists have incorporated the natural,

malleable material that is deeply connected to individual and community identity.

Museum of Pop Culture 

Opening February 1, 2020, Body of Work: Tattoo Culture explores the rich history and modern artistry of tattooing

as a dynamic,ever-evolving artform whose mainstream acceptance has been driven by popular culture.

WFPK, Louisville Public Radio interview 

I did a short radio interview about my photography in support of my exhibition

at the Carnegie Center for Art and History

MoPop Blog: 





Wyrd War Gallery- 3505 NE Broadway St. Portland, Oregon 97232

Solo Exhibition of selected pieces, celebrating 40 years of punk and Metal photography

Turned out a Punk, Podcast

One of the original documentarians of Southern California Hardcore is here: Alison “Mouse” Braun!

Join Damian as he sits down with the legendary photographic contributor to MRR, Flipside,

We Got The Power and more. From why she didn’t shoot Black Flag to introducing El Duce to her dad

to why it took her years to finally get a usable shot of the Bad Brains to moving to Seattle just before the grunge explosion and so much more!

Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion

From their beginnings as teenagers experimenting in a San Fernando Valley garage dubbed "The Hell Hole" to headlining major music festivals around the world, DO WHAT YOU WANT tells the whole story of Bad Religion's forty-year career in irreverent style.DO WHAT YOU WANT's principal storytellers are the four voices that define Bad Religion:

IN THE PIT: behind the golden era of punk photography by Alison Braun

Alison Braun started taking photos in Los Angeles at the advent of the 80s, documenting the local punk and hardcore scene and having her work published in Maximumrocknroll, Flipside and other punk zines of the time. Many a band she saw through the lenses of her camera, from local heroes Black Flag, Descendents, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Dickies, Fear, Social Distortion, Youth Brigade, Adolescents,… to international acts that would roll through the town 

Lethal Amounts Gallery

Los Angeles gallery representation and sales. Lethal amounts showcases emerging fine artists, underground and music-driven subcultures from past and present.

The Big Takeover - magazine interview

If a legendary punk band played a gig in Hollywood during the early ‘80s, a teenaged Alison Braun was probably there with her camera. Starting with a Wasted Youth show in 1981, Braun snapped some of the most iconic shots of the LA punk and hardcore scenes for legendary fanzines like Maximumrocknroll and Flipside. Many of these images have been collected in her excellent photobook, In The Pit: Punk Rock Photos 1981-1990 (No Plan Records), including local and touring bands like TSOL, Black Flag, Misfits, 45 Grave, Descendents, Circle Jerks, Exploited and many more.

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